How I Pick Where To Go Next

I like to go on at least three trips a year this means I have to have some idea of where I want to go, apart from my dream destinations which are LA, Toyko and Rome I normally don't have a plan of where I want to go next until it comes to booking my next trip.

I go from inspiration and ideas from what people share with me and also what I see online, in magazines and also films. If someone shares a story of going somewhere on holiday and having an amazing time I will look into the place in which they have stayed to see if I will enjoy it and then book if I think I will. I also enjoy reading blog posts about trips and then also if a magazine shares a holiday destination I will do the same.

If I'm lacking any inspiration then I will turn to travel website and search the best city breaks this normally brings up a few places I can research and book, if I do this I normally get my three trips for that year sorted. My favorite sight to do this with is Lastminute as I can research an area and learn a lot about it before going onto my normal compare sights to check prices of flights and hostels.

I find this to be the best process for to me to book trips but also a really fun way to book them as well, do you have any fun ways to book a holiday?

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