Travelling With Just Hand Luggage

I have to admit I 100% over pack when it comes to going away, so I wanted to set myself a task of travelling with just hand luggage. At first I was stressing over getting it all in my small case and also if I was going to be able to take everything on board with me, I very nearly booked my flights with a bag last minute and then I went for it and book just hand luggage!

It's a great way of saving money when travelling as to add luggage it's around £40 which is quite a lot if travelling on a budget or if you're going away for just a few days. I find its great to travel with just hand luggage as I don't over pack or take things with me I will never use, this is a massive bonus as I can use the saved space to buy gifts and new items when I'm in the new city.

When it comes to finding the right case or bag to take with you always check the airlines luggage guides as they may differ with company's, it's always good to take a large duffel bag instead of a case so it goes into the overhead locker nicer and doesn't take up to much room. It's always good to take away a small folded backpack just in case you go over your limit and need to check in your bag, this way you can take out essentials and pack them into the folded backpack and then check in your main luggage.

I always purchase the travel minis to go away with as I know there in my limit and are great for on the flight, I also have a small clear case that I place all liquids in before I get to the airport this makes it super easy to go through security. I tend to roll my clothes to get full use out of my bag and I will wear my heaviest shoes instead of packing them this is great for saving weight in your bag.

I didn't get to stressed out with going hand luggage only and also found it quite fun to do hopefully this post helps you out!

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