I've been travelling now for seven years so I've had my fair few travel nightmares so for today I wanted to share some with you! Mine may seem really small and petty compared to yours so if you have any bad ones let me know in the comments below I would love to read some.

Flight Delayed For Two Hours Whilst I Was On The Plane
A flight being delayed is not a new thing it always happens and it can be stressful when it does, so your probably thinking 'wow two hours deal with it!' but I was delayed after we all sat down meaning we had to spend an extra two hours just sat on the plane. This wouldn't of been to bad if it wasn't my first long haul flight and I had a further eight hours to go on the plane! 

Staying In The Box Room
I've booked some dodgy hotels before but never have I booked a box room before, so arriving at my hotel after a long flight and opening my door to a room so small I could touch either side of the walls was quite funny for me, it did however wear off when I needed to get changed or accidentally hit my arm a couple ok maybe 10 times!

Trying To Open The Wrong Door
So here's the scene I'm walking up the stairs and a very creepy man is walking behind me, he seems to get quicker and more scary as I try to get to my door and open it, there I am rumbling the key and trying really hard to open the door for the man to stop right behind me and do a little cough, I turn and expect the worse for him to say 'That's my door your trying to open' 

Waiting In The Airport Overnight 
So for my first trip I had to be in the airport for 5am and of course there was no trains so I decided to get the midnight train out and sit for 5 hours in the airport till I could get on my flight. That would be ok if anything was open, or there was comfy seats to sit on, or perhaps the if the cleaners weren't cleaning so loudly there was no chance of sleep!

So those are some of my nightmares, let me know yours below!

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