Top 3 Favorite Cities In Europe

Brussels, Belgium 
With small winding lanes and high buildings it's easy to get lost in this city but there's also always something to see. From amazing buildings, to little monuments to of course the large square full of flowers and little tables. Then of course eating out you will never be shy of a restaurant all with competitive prices and even more competitive drink prices, when you need to shop there some amazing little streets full of all your needs and of course the impressive Rue Neuve which is my favorite shopping street.

You will not be short of things to see and do in Brussels and the sights also seem to be a little bit more bigger then most European cities I've been to. Taking a day trip out of the city is easy with the help of the metro system and of course the fact there's plenty to see and do out of the city. One of my favorite places to go is the Atomium which is a very impressive sight to see.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
I've been to Amsterdam a few times now and it never gets boring, there is something for everyone here and lots to see and do. If you like museums the impressive museum quarter is the perfect place to spend the afternoon, or if you fancy shopping the large and never ending nine streets are spot on for you. There are also plenty of sights to keep you entertain in the city and it never ceases to amaze me with how much there is to do in Amsterdam.

The streets are large and the people always seem to be rushing about however finding a nice cafe or getting a glass of wine is easy to do. I have also found some of the nicest restaurants in Amsterdam and the food is spot on if you like full rich meals.

Helsinki, Finland
One of the nicest and prettiest cities I've ever visited is Helsinki, with large streets and plenty of things going on there's never a dull day in this city. Some of the sights include a lovely Zoo on an island, an impressive art museum and my favorite the Temmpeliaukion Church (church of rock). I found some amazing pubs here in Helsinki which sell very impressive drinks that would put Hard Rock Cafe to shame. 

It is a little pricey going to Helsinki but it's worth paying the price as this city is defiantly worth a visit!

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