Top 3 Favorite UK Cities

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is probably the easiest city I've had to get around before, the streets are easy to locate and the people are easy to talk to when needing directions. There is so many cute little places to explore and things to see, it's a really laid back place to go and visit but it's also really fun to. I found it easy to book a place and it wasn't to expensive either which is great.

The attractions are throughout the city and there all affordable as well, there is also a great range of cafes and restaurants to eat at. You will also find some amazing shops here and the main shopping street is jam pack full of places to shop at.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh is a great place to visit if you fancy going shopping and to have a relax, it's very laid back and everyone likes the take there time. There's plenty to see and do here but you do need to look for it as it's an amazing place to really explore. I found it's a nice place to just sit in and have a cup of tea while watching everyone go buy.

It's nice an affordable with great central hotels at great prices, there's plenty to see and do for family's as well as solo travelers. 

Birmingham, England
Normally people will say for UK travel London is a must visit however I feel it's overrated and there are much more fun cities to explore such as Birmingham. It's one for shoppers as there are so many shopping areas and also plenty of sights to see. There is some great chain hotels to stay in and all are affordable which makes it easy to stay in the centre and explore. 

The people are friendly and love to chat but there's also always something happening from a gig to a family fun event!

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