Packing can be a stressful situation when it comes to a holiday so I've wrote down all my best tips and tricks in a blog post for you to enjoy!

When it comes to clothes the best option is to outfit plan until you get the right amount and outfits for your trip, I have over-packed and under-packed due to not outfit planning before and this has cause some annoyance to my suitcase. When you have the right amount of clothes and it comes to putting them in the case always roll as this will save a lot of space, when it comes to repacking after your trip don't leave clothes scrunched up again roll them and it will save space.

Always take minis with you or purchase some small plastic bottles to carry your own loved products, this saves so much space and also means you can try some new products out. One of my favorite things to do is buy new products and test out the mini before making the splurge and buying the full sized version.

Makeup can take up a lot of space so go for products that are also in mini form, a great place to shop is the airport itself as they have some amazing minis to purchase. Or go for palettes instead of small products that take up a lot of space, a palette with a bronzer, highlighter and blusher in the perfect one to go for.

Wearing your heaviest or the clothes that take up the most space is a perfect way at saving space in your case, I also do this with my bulky shoes that I want to take away just pack your lightest and smallest shoes and wear the bulky ones to your destination instead.

Lastly pack as much as you can in your hand luggage, such as bulky items you don't mind getting out at security (not underwear!). This is the perfect way to save space in your case and works best when returning as you can put souvenirs in the space where the items were.

Do you have any packing pro tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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