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LA is a pretty big city and getting around can be a bit of a drama but with some well taught tips hopefully I can make your trip to LA that little bit easier. So I have three options for exploring LA and the first one is there large and easy to use Metro system.

Buying a ticket for the Metro system couldn't be easier just go to one of the machines and select the language you need before following the simple and easy to follow instructions. This will issue you a card and a one day pass which is around the $8 mark or you can opt for the 7 day pass which is a very cheap $24.
You can now access the metro which can get you from one end of LA to the other using a simple place card on gate entrance method, this will open the gate for you to go to the line of your choice and visit the place of your choice.

Uber is probably the most used method of transport in LA for short journeys, say if you wanted to go from Santa Monica to Venice Beach but didn't fancy the walk then a quick press here and a quick press there and you have order an Uber to pick you up and drop you there. This is easy and convenient as well as cheap, using a simple app on your phone has never been easier.

Lastly my favorite method of travelling is of course the Hop On Hop Of buses, a bit like the Metro but a bit more expensive this mode of transport drops you off at the location of all the sites you want to see. This is super easy to use just find the ticket desk on Hollywood Blvd and then locate the bus you need and off you go!

Those are my ways to get around LA, what are yours?

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