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When you think of Hollywood most people would say oh the walk of fame, as I feel this is the most viewed and talked about attraction in Hollywood, as it's free and you are walking on a flat surface unlike the hills this is the perfect place to go and explore and see some of your favorite celeb stars as well as attempting to spot a celeb or to.

The start of the Walk Of Fame is located on Hollywood Blvd. just off N La Brea Ave you will know your at the start when you see the Gazebo with the four ladies of Hollywood on. Then you can start your 1.3 miles of walking seeing a grand total of just over 2600 stars, this is a lot of stars so don't miss the ones on Vine street as well!

You will notice different symbols on the stars 5 in total which all mean different things the classic film camera means motion pictures, the Television means broadcast receiver, phonograph record is music, microphone is for radio and lastly comedy masks mean theatre .This will allow you to see what your favorite star has achieved and is known for.

On your way through Hollywood you will past a lot of attractions that lead of from the Walk Of Fame such as the Dolby Theatre, Madame Tussauds and plenty of shops, so be prepared to spend the whole day walking the Walk Of Fame. Also please be aware there will be a lot of performers and people trying to get your attention so be vigilant of your personal belongings.

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