LA | Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

The easiest and most convenient way to explore and see LA is the Hop On Hop Off buses, these buses are perfect for getting around the whole of LA. Located at the Dolby Theatre is the ticket office which is a small red stand, here you can purchase a one day ticket at $49, a two day ticket $64 and also a three day ticket $79 this may seem expensive but when you add on the expense of a metro pass and taxis it all works out cheaper.

In total there are 6 routes you can explore the main route being the red route which you start at which explores Hollywood. Then the Yellow route to go to Santa Monica, Purple route for exploring Downtown LA, Green is for taking a look at Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey, Blue is a connecting line for Universal Studios and the Orange connecting line is for LAX airport.

So you get to explore pretty much all of LA in the comfort of a tour bus which I'm sure speaks your language as they have the handy headphones to select your preferred language of choice. The drivers are very relaxed on the buses, easy to talk to and always on hand to offer any travel advice. I found the buses easy to locate and also plenty of room on them for sitting up on the top deck.

I would highly advise getting a bus pass for two days as this will save a lot of walking around and also make it easier to explore your preferred locations.

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