1st AirBnb Experience - Fail!

I've heard so much about AirBnb and have always wanted to book one for my trips, however most of the time Hostels or Hotels have been good prices to I've never had to book one. Until my trip to LA which you may have noticed I never did a Hotel review like I normally do, this is because I booked an AirBnb room instead which lets just say didn't really work out.

Arriving quite late and getting off a long haul flight I was groggy and very tired however happy to be at my room, I was greeted by a lovely bloke who was friendly and very nice and taking to the garden area where I had book a cabin, there was tents also mixed in and it actually looked really nice. He opened my door and I knew I had been scammed it didn't match the pictures at all in the smallest detail, it was a shed not a cabin there was a single bed a small table with lamp on, a window with a strung up towel covering and a door with no lock.

I panicked said thanks and he left me to be in the room that I was automatically afraid to be in, it was very dirty with condom wrappers about, a screwed up t-shirt under the bed, there were leaves and dirt in the shed and with no lock on the door I began to cry. As it was so late and I had no means of leaving as I didn't really know the area well I decided to spend the night there and decided what to do in the morning.

I woke up and made my way into the main house for a shower and thought the main house was perfect it was nice and there were clean bathrooms and it was really nicely decorated, I had a shower and sat in the garden to do my make up which was peaceful and I felt more relaxed, some guests came out to chat and I had an amazing morning. This confused me a lot as the room was awful yet the place was actually really nice.

I spent the day in LA and when I got back in the evening I went back to my room and decided as I had done one night I can do another, this then gave me the confidence to stay there the whole trip but just say out of the shed as much as possible, it turned out to be ok just a very misleading advertisement. 

This hasn't put me off booking as I have my next AirBnb trip booked for London next month!

I haven't included pictures or the actually advert as that is slander and I don't wish to be sued. 

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