Canon IXUS 160 Review

For today's post I wanted to do a camera review of the Canon IXUS 160 that I bought for my travelling, I got the camera from CEX and didn't have to many high hopes as it was second hand as well as an older model however the camera has been great at capturing my travel pictures as well as vlogs so far so I've opted to do a review in the hopes at helping someone out.

The picture quality is pretty good as it takes pictures quickly in 20 megapixels and seems to pick up the scenery pretty well with it's 8x zoom, focusing quickly and capturing all aspects of the item I want to capture. I have used the camera mostly in daytime but I have taken one or two night night shots and got the same results, so over all with the pictures I can capture the camera is pretty good. 

When it comes to taking videos the camera in HD 720p again comes out pretty good, it's fast to focus and the quality of footage comes out well, I've used it again in the day and also captured some fast paced stuff like moving in a car and capturing video footage. I've had no issues so far apart from the odd click noises which I've heard pretty much all Canon cameras have as it's the focus, this is a design fault on the older models off cameras.

Overall this is a good little camera to have and at the moment until I can afford a proper decent camera for my travels this is suiting me well.

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