Creating The Perfect Itinerary

As much as I love a trip with no plan and just going with the flow I feel the need to every now and then create myself an itinerary. Most of the time it's pretty easy for me as I normally have a list of things that are a must see in the country and then I plan around that, but for today's post I'm going to be sharing my top tips on creating the perfect itinerary.

First up take a look at what is on the doorstep of your hotel as on the first day after your flight or when you need to get to know the place it's great to explore places that are close to your hotel. This way you can get a feel off the city whilst still being able to go back to your hotel for a sit down or break, as well as getting a feel for what the restaurants are like or if there are any local stores near by.

Be realistic when it comes to booking trips and seeing the sights, don't rush around or attempt to go from one side of the city to the other in one day. This will make you feel like you have spent your whole day travelling then actually viewing the sights and city. I like to plan around one main attraction and then use Google Maps to view what is close by and easy to get to, if anything interesting pops up then I look into going to that while I'm at the main attraction I wanted to see.

Once you have got your days all planned and the attractions booked ready to go it's time to think about restaurants. The best thing to do is to look for places to eat near your sights that you are going to and the way I do this is my going onto compare sights such as Trivago and looking into go places to eat in the area your destination is at, that way you won't be wondering around for ages finding a place or you won't be eating at the same place for the whole trip.

So the best way to plan a perfect itinerary is to:
  • See what's on your doorstep by using Google Maps
  • Plan and see what's surrounding your main attractions again by using Google Maps
  • Look up restaurants via Trivago to see what's best for you
By doing these three simple steps you should be able to create a simple yet affected Itinerary, of course it's always good to ask the locals what to see and do so don't follow a tight and restricting itinerary! 

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