European Bucket List

I always feel like I've seen most of Europe then I look at my map and can tell I've not even seen half of it, so I wanted to share my European Bucket list which hopefully over the next few years I shall achieve. 

Interrailing across Italy
When it comes to Italy I pretty much want to see all of it, going through guide books I can list places I want to visit in Milan, Venice and Rome and then also places in the smaller cities around Italy. So I've opted to do an interrail experience in which I pay to get trains around Italy, this means I can have two day in the city before getting a train to the next one. My longest journey is only 6 hours which for me is like a flight so I'm very excited to plan this trip.

Cruising through the Mediterranean 
I'm not one to go to the beach yet I still want to explore Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Malta so I've opted to do a cruise this way I can visit all of the countries on the Mediterranean sea front and explore whilst not having to spend a week at a boring beach. Hopefully I won't get seasick as I've only been on a cruise overnight before and that was a long time again so I don't remember if I got sick of not!

Volunteering In Morocco 
I would love to go for a trip to Morocco and plan it all myself however with how unsafe it is it's best to go on a trip organised by volunteers. This means I can visit the city and explore however I will be helping out in children's shelters or building new homes which is a great thing to do. This has been something I've wanted to do for a while now however it is quite expensive!

Those are my next European adventures after that I only have a few more cities to visit before I've seen most of Europe apart from one or two places I won't go such as Russia. 

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