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Situated at 6031 Hollywood Blvd. close to Hollywood/Vine metro is a unique and interesting museum called The Museum Of Death at just $15 it's one museum worth checking out. It's entrance is just as unique as the museum itself with grass climbing up the walls and red plants across the door, the only giveaway that it's about death it the large skull painting and of course the shop sign.

It's small on the inside giving you a closed in and watched feeling as you walk around, going through each room is like a treasure chest your not quite sure on what's around the corner which makes it that little more creepy. It holds plenty of gory pictures and crime scene photos that you can't get bored in the museum as well as holding old photo's and newspaper articles, also some very interesting stuffed animals.

I found myself wanting to just keep exploring and keep looking round, of course this is a Museum for people interested in death it's not for children and not for people who don't like gore. I would show you some pictures however they don't allow pictures to be taken so instead it's a must that you go check it out!

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