Who Inspires Me To Travel

When it comes to travelling there has to be a spark that sets off that inspiration and feeling to travel, for me the most of the time it comes from seeing pictures and reading up about a city that really makes me wants to explore and want to see the sights that everyone else is seeing.

I mostly spend my time online when I'm at home and that involves looking up holiday vlogs, if I hear from word of mouth about a city that I might be interested in I will automatically go to view vlogs on Youtube, this way I get a look at the city as well as getting to hear all the pros and cons such as there loads of hills that need walking up to recommendations of nice cafes to visit.

After that I use Instagram to get inspired by viewing pictures of the city I want to see this really makes me happy when I visit a destination and come across a place I've seen online in a photo on Instagram. I can also follow some amazing accounts that show pictures of where they have been making it easy for me to pick a new destination due to viewing such amazing photos.

So the main people who inspire me to travel are travelers themselves, hearing and seeing there views and thoughts on a new city makes me really want to get out there with them and explore for myself, so if you are ever in a new place be sure to take a picture and share online as you never know who you might inspire. 

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