Gift Ideas For A Wanderlust Lover

It's that time of year when travel guides are coming out and of course I have some ideas for you, I wanted to share my ideas for someone who loves to travel and what type of gifts you could get them.

Decorative Items
This is a great idea for someone who owns there own house and loves to have artwork or cute little travel items on there walls, From posters to scratch of maps this is an ideal gift for any travel lover. You could also go down the route or a little decorative globe or simple travel mug anything cute and travel related will thrill any wanderlust lover.

Guide Books and Maps
You would never guess a guidebook could be expensive but they actually are, they cost the same amount as any book making it quite costly when it comes to purchasing them. So of course the perfect gift could be a guide book to an area in which someone has shared some interest in or maybe you visited somewhere that someone may really like so you want to share a guide book to that place to spark some interest.

Travel Minis 
If you are a beauty lover and prefer going down the path of getting something a bit more glamorous for a gift why not get some beauty minis and make up minis. I love mixing up my wash bag and make up sets for travelling but finding the right products and also new ones becomes quite a chore for me so when someone buys me a mini set I love it!

A Holiday
Lastly is one for people with a little bit of money to splurge, you could always book a holiday for you wanderlust loving friend. This is the perfect gift to give anyone who loves to explore, It doesn't have to be expensive either a simple little trip in the UK or where you live is just as good as a trip to France.

Hopefully this has given you a spark and some inspiration to get shopping for Christmas! Let me know what your favorite gift to give over Christmas is?

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