Why I'm On A Travel Break

Travelling is my main interest in life and it's one that keeps me going, when I'm exploring somewhere new and planning my next break my mind is somewhere else and it's very healthy for me to travel. However there's things in life that are pushing forwards and becoming the main focus for me at the moment, it does mean I'll be travelling less and posts on this blog will be less frequent but once my current life struggles are over things will be make to normal and my unusual three trips a year will hopefully be back.

The main step back was due to my LA trip being a massive expense, I don't dislike the fact this has put a hold on my travels as I loved everything about this trip. I would love to go back one day soon but with proper planning so I could save money.

The other big drawback is moving out, I'm looking to move out of my parents house and of course this means all my money is going on moving out and not on small breaks away. This means when I do finally leave home I shall only be going on one to two breaks a year as running my own flat will be a costly expense.

So this means posts will be slow on the blog however I shall be taking small local UK breaks throughout the next year and also maybe a little European trip to so don't despair just yet!

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