How To Pack Light

When I go on small local European breaks it can sometimes be a better option for me to travel light and with just a carry on case rather then a full case for a three night stay at a city. So I have put together a blog post on how I pack light and my travel tips for getting away with just flying with a carry on case.

First up it's all about your hotel if you book somewhere that has the added extras such as towels and toiletries you have already saved a massive amount in your case. You can now fly with basic toiletries such as just a toothbrush and a deodorant instead of shower gel, shampoo, soap and a hairdryer. It really is worth booking a better hotel if you want to travel light.

Next up is being picky about your outfit choices instead of having a new outfit for each day or having an evening and day outfit mix and match what you already have. A pair of jeans can be paired with several tops meaning you have a lot of outfits for just one pair of jeans, when it comes to the evening focus more on make up then dressing up.

Lastly when it comes to travelling light really ask yourself what you do and don't need, if you take comfy shoes do you really need an extra pair. How about guidebooks do you need to take them all or can you save pages on your phone for offline reading. Or when it comes to full sized products every store now has minis even when it comes to perfume and sunscreen lotion so there really is no excuse to travel with a full sized product.

I'm sure there are loads more tips out there share some below in the comments!

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