Spontaneous Vs. Planning

When it comes to planning a break I tend to be that person who has everything written down from bus times to where to eat and it all gets a little much. For my last few trips I decided to be a little more relaxed and not really plan much which made me really think is it better to be spontaneous or is it better to plan your trip.

When it comes to planning this is a great idea for anyone wanted to see specific things or if they have never been somewhere and need to get the most out of there trip. It's also good if you don't have a long time to visit and see the destination in which your in, as you will want to fit it all in and get the most of of your trip.

However when it comes to be spontaneous I found I got to see more in the sense I discovered things I hadn't seen in the handbooks and online. I got to be a little more free on what I saw and in the time I got to see it, I didn't have to worry about leaving early to go to a certain restaurant and it meant I tried new things I wouldn't normally do.

So for me I can see the attraction for both making a plan and also being spontaneous so personally I like to be a little of both, plan a day and then have a free day. This is a great way to see new things but also to get in things you may really want to see on your trip.

How about you do you prefer to be spontaneous or do you love a good plan?

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