Destinations I Keep Going Back To

I am a city girl at heart and love to go to new places however I do also have my favourites that I keep going back to, the reason being is that they have interested me enough that I need to see more and spend more time there. Two Destinations that I love and adore and very much alike however are also very much different.

Edinburgh is the one place that I love to explore and go to as I always feel like I'm in a new place and abroad even though I'm 6 hours away on the train and I'm still in the UK. I love how friendly people are here and how much there is to see and do in a small city, I can go from one end to the other in around 2 hours and still find the time to fill my day up with new and fun things. The attraction for me is that it's such a pretty and fun filled city that I can never get bored, it's also part of the UK so I don't need to worry about getting Euro's or learning a new language.

Amsterdam is pretty much my go to city when I need a European break, it's very much the same as Edinburgh in the sense that the people are friendly and it's also only an hour away so not to much travelling. I also adore all the winding streets and how pretty it all looks but there's also so much more to see and do there, it's very hard to get bored in Amsterdam and I feel like I've only seen half of the city even though I've been twice now. The other thing I like is the fact most people speak English and it's so easy to walk around the city and not get lost so it's almost like still being in the UK.

What destination do you love to keep going back to?

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