Hobbledown Farm Surrey Review

When it comes to a fun and creative farm there is one in particular that I love to visit, located in Epsom Surrey this is the perfect place to take children if you want to learn about animals but also have a fun day out. 

It is mostly all outdoors with walks through rabbit patches, a look at the meerkat den and a very large grassland area for the camels, donkeys and horses there are a lot of animals to see and they all have lovely clean and well looked after areas to roam around in. Also outdoors in a large play area with hidden tunnels, a zip line and plenty of picnic spots, there are also playrooms for birthday parties if you did want to celebrate a birthday here.

Indoors is a large restaurant and an indoor play area for kids, it's a reasonable priced restaurant that will cost around £8 a meal for one person and the food is warm and cooked well. The large play area is very much the main attraction situated in the middle of the restaurant but not to much of a bother for anyone wanting to eat.

Other things at the farm are daily feeds, animals experiences including holding some animals, free parking and also a lovely gift shop. Prices for an adult are £8.95, children over 2 £9.95 and under 2 free, this is a reasonable priced farm for what you get and I would happily visit again.

Have you been to any good farms lately?

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