Places I'm Afraid Of Visiting

When it comes to travelling everyone has that one place they don't wish to visit or even consider visiting, for me I have a few and wanted to go through why I will not be going to those places or how I'm going to be conquering my fears and visiting them.

Up first is a nice local place called London, it may sound odd for other people but for me I can't stand going to London. It's big busy and the people all seem very unhappy, making it a less then nice place for me to go to. I have had a few things happen to me that has cause me to have a fear, such as being pushed on the tube stairs as someone needed to rush passed me and instead of saying a simple excuse me decided to shove me till I almost fell. I'm getting over my fear of the city by going there more and more, for events and also for days out.

A big place that has put a fear into me is Russia, All I hear is horrid things coming from the city and every time it's brought up it's all negative. I looked into Russia as I never like to judge somewhere before going myself and was shocked at what I saw. As a women I can never confidently walk down the streets in Russia and can say this is one place I will never ever visit. Even if it did clean up it's act and change a part of me will never get over the videos and articles I've read so I shall never visit Russia.

Some people may be a little shocked as this place is on my bucket list and one of my most desired places to travel to but Japan is one place I'm afraid off, the main concern is my tattoos and the strict traditions Japan has. When it comes to tattoo's there not accepted over in certain areas of Japan so I must be very careful when entering temples, public baths are a strict no go zone and even hostels will turn me away if they see any of my tattoos. For traditions I'm a very forgetful person so I fear I will enter a restaurant one day and not remember how to properly do this and upset someone, so even though I'm desperate to go visit Japan I'm ever so scared to do so.

So those of my top three places I'm afraid to visit, let me know's yours in the comments below.

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