Spending 24hrs In A New City

When it comes to visiting a new city you may find yourself stopping off at another destination for the night or perhaps a train stops in a new city that you have never looked into before. This can be the perfect opportunity to do some exploring and get to know a new city that you never know you may fall in love with.

First up when you get to the station or airport try to get a picture of a map so you don't need to spend money on a paper map and have that as excess baggage. Also look into local buses which ones take you to the town centre and when they run again take a little photo so you have it handy or jot it down, this is also a great way to get chatting to local people and ask what there is to do and explore that's local.

Getting information from the locals is an amazing way to see hidden gems that a city has to offer but also they know routes to go to get there and can also give you some tips on staying in a new city. You never know you may meet another traveler who can go with you to check out a local spot that is worth a visit.

Next up of course is sorting out accommodation if you are staying over night it is worth checking out hostel bookers as you don't need to fork out on expensive hotels if you are literally looking for a room for the night. This is cheap and cheerful and also have the option of using the facilities such as a hot shower with communal wash items such as shampoo, there will be large kitchens to cook food in and also get some more travel advice. Hostels are a really great option for anyone staying just 24 hours in a new city.

So now you have chatted to locals and check out some hot spots, spent the night in the hostel and refreshed yourself you should be in high spirits to go on to your new destination!

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