Top 5 European Destinations For Solo Travelers

I almost wanted to title this top 5 happiest destinations I've been to as this list is the top 5 places I've gone to that were accepting, welcoming and the nicest. As a solo traveler it can be hard to find somewhere that is welcoming to you being alone, I've had so many occasions where it's be 'oh you alone' statements that I tend to look out for welcoming and friendly destinations.

Up first is Edinburgh, which for me is the one place that is local enough I can go to whenever I need. I found the place very accepting and welcoming with friendly people and plenty to see and do this is the one place I always recommend for people who don't want to fly and live in the UK. For city lovers you have everything you need, from cute pubs to trendy bars and endless shops, for people who love to take photos Edinburgh castle looks stunning in the day, at night and even in horrid weather, of course for people who love backpacking holidays there's nothing better then getting to the top of a hill and being amazed at the sheer beauty and a Loch.

Another local one is Dublin, it's a lot like Edinburgh just a bit larger and a few more hills. Dublin was the first place to really impressed me and leave me feeling upset to leave, it was such a nice and pretty destination that I really could of happily stay there for a month and not a long weekend. There is tones to see and do here and it's surrounded by such pretty parks and areas to relax in, I found everyone so accepting and helpful that it's perfect for a solo traveler.

Next is my most visited city and that is of course Amsterdam, this is one of the best cities I've ever been to and even though I've gone quite a few times now I could easily pack a bag and go again. Whatever the weather there is always something to do and see here, I found the most helpful people come from Amsterdam as they all go out of there way when they need to. Things to do here come in various forms such as a canal cruise, to exploring endless cheese stores, getting cheeky in a museum or two and of course eating out at the amazing restaurants which seem to come alive as soon as the sun goes down.

Up next is one that is a little odd but Helsinki is making the list for a reason that isn't because there nice and helpful. However people in Helsinki tend to keep to themselves and don't like to chat much which is a reason I liked it so much. If you like to travel alone and not get asked a load of questions and want to just travel in peace than Finland is great for you, it has loads to see and do from shopping, to amazing art museums and local woodland walks that it's great for anyone. Sometimes you need a little peace and quiet and Helsinki is spot on for that.

The last place and my most loved was Brussels, I booked to go to Brussels as I wasn't sure where I wanted to visit and it was on my list of places I might like so I only went for around 2 nights however this turned out to be my best and most loved trip. When it comes to getting good photos Brussels does not disappoint, I found the charming structures of buildings and the relaxed mood from locals to be just what I need after a stressful week at work. I found the best conversation came from locals in Brussels and everyone had so much love to give. There is a lot to see and do here and it's defiantly a city to go to if you want to go shopping as there endless streets of stores to check out.

Let me know in the comments below your most loved destination for a solo traveler.

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