What NOT To Do When Travelling

When it comes to travelling there are plenty of posts out there telling you all the fun things to do when it comes to seeing a new city but what about the things to not do when your in a new place. For today's post I'm going to be going through my top things to not do, I'm sure there are loads more so add your own to the comments section below.

My top tip never exchange money in the airport, coming from someone who used to work in an exchange bureau I can tell you now for a fact to exchange at an airport you will get the worst rates. If you can exchange currency before you go at a place in a city no where near an airport or use your credit card abroad ( just inform your bank so they don't block it), or an atm at the city you are travelling to.

Don't skip on travel insurance like a previous post of mine which you can read here I explain how I went abroad and got an injury on the first day, I didn't book travel insurance and needed it. Luckily I went a local pharmacy and got what I needed however they informed me I did need to go to a walk in clinic which being the awful person I am ignored and waited to see my Dr.

Never get a taxi in the city, I have done this around two times now and was majorly ripped off, there are so many other options such as trains, buses and also shared taxis if you really need to get one. If it's to the airport and back there are so many options of buses that take you to the centre of the city it's really a silly option to pay for an overpriced taxi that will take an advantage of you when they spot you accent and bags.

I'm always one to shout about hostels so never think to not book one, I can not shout about it loud enough when I say there are private roomed hostels! you don't need to stay with other people, you also don't need to share a toilet. Instead you pay for a room that doesn't have hotel frills which comes at the fraction of a price of a hotel room. What would you prefer to pay £600 for a hotel room or £200 for hostel room?

My last one is to not to forget to research the country's rules and regulations, so for example in Japan I can travel and stay there easily however I can't go into public bathes due to my tattoos, when I enter temples I can not enter with my shoes on and of course my feet tattoos must be covered. Most people forget to look up certain rules about a country and then disrespect this when they enter somewhere new, so always look into certain rules when you arrive.

I could keep going however this is a long enough post as it is, so let me know what not to do when travelling in the comments below?

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