What To Do If You Get Sick Abroad

We have all been there you go abroad and wake up one morning to find you'r ill, if it's a stomach bug to a cold it can happen to anyone so today's post is going to be a basic guide to getting ill abroad and how to deal with it.

The first thing to do is to get travel insurance in case your illness becomes something more extreme then a basic illness or you have an injury that requires medical attention. I use compare sites to search and see what insurance I need for that destination and then book before going away, it's best to not book whilst your away as this will not cover you or if you are going on several holidays that year look into an annual holiday insurance as this will work out cheaper for you.

When I go away I always have a basic first aid kit on hand, to save looking through pharmacy's when I'm away and getting the wrong medicine, I have just a little case with all things medical in that is allow in the country. Such as plasters, paracetamol, Buscopan, anti allergy relief and also sickness tablets, this means any illness I get I'm using British products that my stomach is use to and I don't need to waste any money on overseas tablets that may not work.

If I do get an illness I'm not prepared for such as the time some dirt went into my eye and I needed help, I always go into a local chemist instead of a walk in clinic. Doing so I can get medical advice without having to pay for a walk in clinic, places such as Boots and Superdrug have chemists in and there always willing to help.

Lastly always remember to drink plenty of fluids most of the time when I feel ill it's due to being dehydrated or I've walked to much that day and need a rest. So think about stopping and drinking a bottle of water every hour and that should hopefully keep any illnesses away and let you go on holiday without any troubles!

Let me know any advice that you have on getting ill abroad in the comments below.

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