How I Budget A Trip

When it comes to booking a trip there are two types of people the ones who spend £1000's and the ones who budget and spend £100's so here is my guide to budgeting for a trip away and getting the most out of your trip without going into debt.

Using compare sites is the one thing I always shout about, never book the first price you see as there is always a way to get it cheaper. Compare sites will show you for all dates and not just the ones you are considering so instead of booking Monday-Monday it may be cheaper to book Tuesday-Tuesday or if you doing a weekend break not a week away maybe consider a Monday - Wednesday trip not the typical Friday to Sunday as this will be considerable cheaper.

Ones I've booked my hotel and travel using compare sites I now look at getting around the country I'm going to as this is one of the biggest money grabbers when travelling. Instead of taxis or even trains why not look into those tour buses you always see. Booking online is cheaper and they drop you off at all the sites whilst you getting a tour off the city. On a train you can't see much and you sometimes still have to walk to your destination when using the trains, also taxi's in a new country are a no go zone for me, as soon as they hear you accent and know your a tourist they will rip you off.

So your there and getting around how else can you be cheaper abroad, it all comes to compromise so if you eat out for dinner why not go to a local supermarket and stock up on breakfast and lunch food so you don't need to spend money on all three, bulk buying is always going to come out better then buying individual. Same as looking at the sites sometimes it better to buy a card so you can see all the sights in bulk rather then going to each individual sight and paying at the door, you will notice a difference in costs when you bulk buy.

So that is how I like to budget my trip and get the most of going abroad, I'm sure there's loads more tips so leave them in the comments for me to check out!

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