My Most Asked Travel Questions

I've been travelling for just under 10 years now and I always seem to get the same questions so I thought today I would go through them for you and hopefully answer some questions that people may want to know the answer for.

The most asked and one I get bored off answering is 'Don't you get scared on your own'. To put it in simple terms no, ask yourself next time you got to the shop alone or say you go to the toilet alone 'are you scared?' going to another country is fun and the experience is good not bad, if you can go to the shop by yourself and not get scared why not do that is Paris or Los Angeles.

Another one is 'Don't you get bored?' which I can see why people ask as I'm always in a new city and exploring, for some people this may seem a chore and boring as it's just another city and there all the same right? well no actually there all different and there is something new and exciting in each place so the option to get bored is just not there.

A great one I get asked is 'How can you afford it?' which is my favourite as I have so many travel tips that will save people so much money when it comes to traveling. I love to share them and have done so many posts on travelling on a budget. I think people see traveling as a massive expense but when done right you can get it cheaper then you first thought.

Those seem to be my most asked questions, what are yours?

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