About Me

Hello my name is Jess and I'm 25 from Oxford! 

I've been travelling now for 7 years and have mostly been exploring Europe as a solo traveler, I aim to go on three trips a year. My choice in accommodation is hostels and I aim to get my travel to be as low cost as possible, any tips I have you can find here . 

My aim to is explore as much as I can and document it all here as a helpful guide to others but also so I can look back and see how much fun I have had over the last years. I mostly go to cities but also do enjoy the odd beach here and there, I'm always up for suggestions so please do leave some so I can check them out.

I will be posting every Monday and Friday but may go quiet when I have no trips as I like to keep my content fresh and adventurous so don't tend to force content.

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